The owner of this older home in Beverly Hills desired a complete renovation and updating to a modern contemporary eclectic style that could showcase modern art.  The project also required tight scheduling and efficiency from Schoos Design because the house needed to be completed before the owner's wedding and related events!  The above sketch shows the front elevation as it was conceived at the outset.

This photo series shows the front of the home before, during and after the renovation.  The home had been built in a modified Spanish style with an intrusive wrought-iron gate and an overbearing use of concrete steps.  The challenge was to find a way to maintain the home's security and privacy while creating a more welcoming, sophisticated approach.  The gate and stairs were torn out and replaced with a screen of greenery and a custom stained ironwood gate and matching garage door.

These detail shots show how the architectural style was modernized through the removal of dated moldings and changing the surface treatment of the stucco from a faux finish texture to a clean, smooth white.  Similar use of wood and frosted glass in the front gate and entry door create a consistent theme that is clean and modern.

The rear of the house has walkways that connect to a deck which is actually the roof of a guest house.  These "before" shots show the older faux finish on the house and the mixture of tile and brick used on the deck and walkways.  A damaged wrought iron fence still surrounds the deck.

After the renovation, one can see the continuation of the theme from the front of the house.  Clean white walls replace the textured stucco, dark stained wood replaces the brick and tile, and the wrought iron fence is replaced with a glass screen, allowing a better view of the scenery beyond.  The use of consistent, natural elements makes a statement that is simpler, warmer and more inviting.

The interior is a playful mix of eclectic elements and textures, combining simple modern pieces such as the wood slab dining table with exotic touches like the sea urchin chandelier and zebra photo.  The modern art collection includes not only the abstract paintings but also a Lalique and Baccarat art glass collection housed in the glass shelves.  The "egg chair" is also a classic piece of modern design.

The double-sided fireplace was given a modern treatment with the removal of moldings and the addition of reflective metal and glass gravel.  The shine and polish are enhanced by the complementary glass, chrome and porcelain vases and candlesticks.

The modern metallic look is even continued in the dining room chairs which are custom designs based on an Italian classic.  A matte chrome finish is applied which adds a sleekness and polish while balancing the aged structural quality.

In addition to the other modern works of art in the home, the owner commissioned Thomas Schoos to create this original painting for the dining room.  The black elements in the painting are echoed in the use of antique black lamps that are used to illuminate it, a whimsical touch.  The angular lighting also brings out the reflective metallic paint used in the work.  To see more examples of original Thomas Schoos art, please see our Art section!

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