After completing their large, traditionally opulent home in the hills outside Los Angeles, this young couple found that the conservative vibe did not fit their contemporary lifestyle or the needs of their growing family.  They wanted to update the look and feel in a way that still respected the elegance and quality of the architecture.  Two designers had already been unsuccessful in meeting their expectations when they finally found Schoos Design.

The approach of Schoos Design was to bring a more contemporary vibe to both the interior and exterior design, reducing the baroque ornamentation and incorporating more modern furniture and art. Eighty percent of the furniture and fixtures are original designs by Schoos Design.

In the living room, Thomas used a "go big or go home" approach to complement the vast space with eye-catching fixtures, including these large modernist planter boxes and high-backed sofa (all original designs by Schoos).  The clean white paint and upholstery allow the art and accessories to "pop" while bringing a more minimalist, modern feel to the classical architecture.

Original paintings by Thomas set a modernist theme with geometric shapes and a color palette of black, gray, white and metallic gold and silver that is continued in the furniture and fixtures.  The pair of paintings over the sofa measure 20 feet high.

Schoos Design created this impressive chandelier for the foyer using traditionally elegant strung crystals but giving them a modernist geometrical twist by hanging them from steel rings.  

The new dining room is more posh and glamorous than the old ornate room but in a way that is artistically innovative.

The kitchen received a complete makeover including removing the quaint country-style cabinetry, fixtures and ornamentation and replacing them with refined two-tone gray high-lacquer cabinets and stainless steel Miele appliances.  Carved white bone light fixtures add a touch of intricate geometry.  

The family room is pragmatic and comfortable with large sectional sofas, lots of pillows and throws and TV tables.  But the design is still modern with crisp angles, bold colors and points of focus.

Custom furniture was designed for every room, including these pieces in the master bedroom that are inlaid with mother-of-pearl and capiz shells.

In the 2,000 square foot master bedroom, carpets were replaced with walnut hardwood floors.  The custom furniture includes intricate details like hand-carved trim on the bed frame and tufted metallic-embossed leather on the headboard.

The master bath is a wonderland of modern design and technology featuring custom-built surprises like the chrome pendant light fixture, poured-glass sinks that are illuminated from within by a choice of colored LED lights, TV screens that appear behind the mirrors, and this lushly decadent large leather poufe.

The previously existing exterior of the house also needed re-thinking to add a more contemporary vibe and create spaces that are more inviting and functional. Here, the small, underused sections of lawn between the house and the pool are being removed and resurfaced.  The pool fence was also removed to allow unobstructed views of the pool and hills, a major attraction of the location.

The large new patio connects all the amenities in the rear of the house, including the pool, bar, barbeque, fire pits and lounging areas.  Sleek white upholstery and modern furniture designs also tie-in with the decor of the living room, which looks out onto the deck through two-story windows.

The contrast of classically grand architecture with minimal modern luxury gives the home an elegant yet contemporary vibe that fits with the progressive thinking and lifestyles of its owners.